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Feasibility Studies

15 Things Your Organization Will Learn Through A Feasibility Study

What can you expect to gain or learn from conducting a feasibility study? The following points will illustrate the importance of conducting a detailed feasibility study.

  1. You gain valuable insight into the attitudes of your people regarding the campaign. (It is not wise to assume that everyone is “on board,” and a feasibility study can identify where resistance exists.)
  2. You are able to determine what needs to be done to reach people who are not yet in support of the project.
  3. People tend to say what they really think in an anonymous survey.
  4. A strategic plan flows out of the feasibility study. The insight gained helps shape the needed components for your campaign.
  5. You gain insight into the attitudes your people have regarding the core values of your institution and core values of stewardship.
  6. A financial goal is frequently realized from the information gleaned in the survey.
  7. You gain a real sense of what is financially possible for you and whether multiple phases might be required for your overall project.
  8. You gain insight into who will and who won’t support a major gifts program.
  9. You gain insight into who will volunteer their time to work with your campaign leadership.
  10. You learn what people want and why they are involved with your organization. This is valuable information as you prepare strategies to reach your community.
  11. You will learn how much “marketing” of your campaign may be needed and which groups require greater effort.
  12. Your survey forms the basis for future surveys to enable your leadership to identify “trends” in your constituency.
  13. The survey helps to bring ownership for a campaign to your constituency and gives the individual members of your donor base a “voice” in the campaign process. You gain the confidence of your people as they see you doing serious research. A consultant acting as your coach brings credibility to the project. It says, “We are serious about getting to our goal.”
  14. You gain micromarket wealth analysis and information about whether your people will attend any special seminars pertaining to retirement planning, giving, and financial planning.
  15. You are able to measure your current financial status with your community.

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