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Change in the Roth IRA (KIM #5)

Starting January 1, 2010, a new law enables anyone to convert retirement savings to a Roth IRA, creating an opportunity for significant long-term savings in taxes. But whether an individual can benefit depends on such factors as their age, financial goals, and current and anticipated tax bracket.

While this information may not lead you to immediately think of gift opportunities, we recommend development professionals take note of any news potentially relevant to your donors and prospects. Sharing these tidbits over lunch or coffee, you have an opportunity to achieve a few things:

  1. You learn more about donors and prospects by what they share in response (in this case, for example, planning for retirement);
  2. You are able to be relevant and useful to your donors; and
  3. You leave donors knowing that you are paying attention, both to their needs and to these topics.

After a season of being barraged with end-of-year appeals, donors and prospects will certainly appreciate a solicitation to grow your relationship instead of one that focuses on dollars.

From our firm to you, happy holidays and happy new year.

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