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Charitable Deduction Calculator Updated for 2012

It can be said that donors save by receiving a charitable deduction for their gift, but have you ever leveraged this fact in your solicitations?

You are visiting with a donor who has given your charity $2,000 in each of the last three years. After your terrific presentation, the donor says, “Given the economy, I want to hold my giving to last years’ amount, so put me down for $2,000.” Do you accept the pledge or reframe the discussion?

Consider testing this formula before your visit: Assuming you know or can estimate the donor’s tax bracket, you also know that a gift of $2,000 in, for example, the 35% bracket saves $1,076 in taxes. Ask your donor to consider a gift of $3,077, which would result in a $2,000 reduction of their net worth.

Since individuals currently represent 47.4% of all federal revenue, YoungAssociates has been advising clients to cultivate their donors in anticipation of a flurry of possibilities for individuals making more than $200,000 ($250,000 if married). For those high-income households, President Obama would preserve the Bush tax rates at the low end (10%, 15% and 25%) but raise the top two rates to 36% and 39.6%. To aid you in this approach, we have updated the original charitable deduction calculator shared in 2009 with these proposed rate adjustments. Keep in mind the capital gains rate is proposed to increase to 20% and tax dividends at ordinary income tax rates for those making more than $200,000 ($250,000 if married).

Until December 31, 2012, only estates valued at more than $5.12 million are subject to an estate tax up to a 35% top rate. Barring congressional action, all estates worth more than $1 million will be subject to the estate tax at a top rate of 55%. President Obama would reinstate the estate tax at 2009 levels—meaning estates worth more than $3.5 million would be subject to the tax at a rate of 45%.

The charitable deduction calculator below will give you an estimate of a donor’s potential contribution given this strategy.

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Note: Enter only numbers, no dollar signs or commas (eg, 1000 not 1,000).


Making a gift of instead would include the original donation amount, plus the charitable deduction the donor receives.

This calculator is for estimation and discussion purposes only. High-income prospects, we assume, have other itemized deductions. For more ways to leverage your solicitations through greater use of the tax code and other elements in the negotiation of a gift, contact us.