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Feasibility Studies Wealth Analysis

Who are your superstars?

Conducting our feasibility studies, we always ask, “Who are the superstars of this cause?” Staff, board and donors are always able to respond with a list of those with community influence, access to leadership and fundraising perseverance.

We build upon this historic commitment of donors to our clients by running Prospect Development Wealth (PDW) analysis. Consistently, we unearth a treasure trove of underperforming prospects—a new cadre of superstars. Every charity has a group of supporters and friends who are just waiting to be noticed and asked. Many are ready for the opportunity to benefit themselves—and the cause—by making a major gift. We’ve all encountered an instance where, by the time we get around to talking with a prospect, they’ve already made their legacy decision with another charity. PDW gives your organization a new level of insight that makes it easier to prioritize who to call on and when to make your best-chance solicitation.

Remember the romantic comedy “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt? In the movie, Gibson’s character suddenly gains the temporary ability to hear what women are really thinking and, as a result, transforms to an understanding, authentic guy. Wouldn’t your job be easier if you really knew what your donors and prospects were thinking rather than just what they said? PDW can’t actually let you hear what they are thinking, but it provides other significant insights? who has grown children, who has own their home more than 15 years, who has a yacht or airplane or has recently bought an IPO, who has a large portion of their assets in a 401k.

We help our clients maximize their efforts by:

  • Finding the message that is just right for each segment of their audience and
  • Identifying the best prospects from donor, member and even cold constituencies.

More to come on the blog in the next month about the PDW process and how to build successful relationships with your new cadre of superstars.