Long Term Care Considerations (KIM #13)

Currently 45 million Americans are 65 and older, but by 2050 the number will have grown to 80 million.

As development officers you can only find the gift if you understand the underlying concerns of both the male and female donor consider:

Number of Americans who are aged 65 or older – 45 million.

Number of Americans who will be 65 and older by 2050 – 80 million.

3% of US adults currently carry long term care insurance.

Over my career 3/4 of Deferred Gift initial interviews donors indicated they hadn’t set aside money for future medical expenses and 1/3 acknowledged that they were worried about medical expenses cutting into their children’s inheritances.

Life expectancy tables consistently support that women will need 3.7 more years of care than men.

By 2030 2/3’s of the nation’s wealth will be owned by women.