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Articles on Fundraising in General

  1. Gift Tax Exemption
    Every taxpayer can take advantage of the $13,000 gift tax exclusion, every year! And a taxpayer may make as many gifts as long as no one person receives no more than $13,000 of value in  |  Read More »
  2. Gift & Estate Taxes for 2012
    NOTE This information is out of date. See a listing of recent tax-related articles for more current information about taxes and their fundraising implications. The gift tax annual exemption will remain at $13,000 for 2012.  |  Read More »
  3. Thinking beyond cash (KIM #9)
    The IRS has ruled privately that a donor can claim an income tax charitable deduction for the contribution of television broadcast licenses provided the donor properly substantiates them. Further ruled, the licenses are treated as  |  Read More »
  4. Everyone loses (KIM #8)
    Too many nonprofits believe that their budgets are tight, particularly for investments expensed immediately versus over a longer term. We routinely are seeing organizations defer maintenance and skip consistently proven development upgrades, including IT, sales  |  Read More »
  5. Your donors are looking for tax info, are you providing it? (KIM #6)
    First off, thanks to many of my clients who sent birthday greetings on June 8. I appreciate being remembered and your kindness. Even on that day, I found time to track the report provided to  |  Read More »