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Articles on Fundraising in General

  1. Bank Deposit Insurance
    Where is your money and to what degree is it protected? Often, account holders, such as businesses determine that their financial institution is insured through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Credit  |  Read More »
  2. Potential Tax Exposure For Your Donors?
    NOTE This information is out of date. See a listing of recent tax-related articles for more current information about taxes and their fundraising implications. We have been advising our clients for the past few years  |  Read More »
  3. Extend, Rejigger or Sunset the Bush Tax Cuts–Planning for Your 2010 Transformational Gift
    We believe Americans are more worried than ever about the future. Some see the challenge as poor and receding growth, a steady rate of unemployment, record deficits and a sovereign debt that makes us—to some—one  |  Read More »
  4. Rules for Deducting the Contribution of Vehicles
    The IRS has published guidance to help taxpayers and charities comply with rules that are designed to eliminate abuses associated with the charitable contribution of vehicles. One rule applies to how an allowable deduction is  |  Read More »
  5. A Question of Opportunity Costs (KIM #4)
    Cold calling is too inefficient and time-consuming for me. I believe that realistically it could take up at least 60% of my time, so this campaign is focused on gifts from inside the family. Anon.  |  Read More »