YoungAssociates serves nonprofits in a variety of fields, including arts, history, and medicine

Our Difference

Our difference starts with the recognition that many development programs rely on their intuition. We, too, believe in listening to our gut, but we back that up with data. We gather information with nonprofit feasibility studies and our proprietary wealth analysis tool, PDW. The YoungAssociates approach starts with understanding what donors believe or know about you, then quantify the demographics and capacity of your constituencies. We follow up by testing and adjusting every component of donor communication. In this way, we ensure that your institution presents itself and its financial needs persuasively.

The challenges facing nonprofits today are daunting. Fundraising campaigns are a dynamic, ambiguous environment requiring leadership, experience, and judgment. We can provide the judgment, based on 40 years’ experience. Your situation is unique, and the strategy we help you develop will reflect that. We will take you through simulations of how your various campaign decisions could play out.

  • What does this mean for you, as a development director? We know and respect the work you do, but we see the benefit in slowing down. We provide you with the best counsel, staff augmentation, and development tools. We provide systems that make your efforts and those of your volunteers more efficient and more effective.
  • What does this mean for trustees or other volunteer leadership? We deliver success while also being deeply conscious of cost. We keep our focus on your goal and never give in to the convenience of the moment.

Leaders are often not in the market to have their decisions and choices questioned. Our firm has a true entrepreneurial spirit, matched with the strength to execute strategies that not only deliver your goal but transform your relationships. We bring a laser focus to the tasks before us. We have the professional experience to identify unique gift opportunities, and the nonprofit context to tell your story. We understand the extraordinary creativity, resilience to challenge, and drive to mission that characterize the nonprofit institution.