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Articles on Planned Giving

  1. Extend, Rejigger or Sunset the Bush Tax Cuts–Planning for Your 2010 Transformational Gift
    We believe Americans are more worried than ever about the future. Some see the challenge as poor and receding growth, a steady rate of unemployment, record deficits and a sovereign debt that makes us—to some—one  |  Read More »
  2. One Percent of Retirement Advice (KIM#2)
    It may not seem like much, but by increasing the inflation-adjusted draw rate from 4 to 5%, your donor will shorten the number of years their retirement funds will last. Typically, withdrawal rates above 4%  |  Read More »
  3. Impact of Economic Stimulus Among Retirees (KIM#1)
    Today, 50 million retirees will start receiving $250 payments from the government over the next few weeks as part of the economic stimulus bill passed in February. Let me save you time: that’s $12,500,000,000. We  |  Read More »
  4. As inheritances go down, how will your planned giving program respond?
    The New York Times writes in June 2008 …retirees have a lot of demands on their savings. Out-of-pocket health care costs, for one, are rising fast. At the same time, many people are not waiting  |  Read More »