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Major Campaigns

A mature development program is raising money, with or without a major capital campaign. Some development departments foster the view that capital campaigns are simply an ongoing effort at addressing institutional needs and top priorities. We believe organizations should continue to aggressively pursue private funds with or without the imprimatur of a capital campaign. Consider that an organization has just reached the goal of a capital campaign, all would agree that the institution’s ongoing needs have not ceased to be of an ongoing concern.

We believe that an institution is always in some phase of a capital campaign. In other words, the institution’s entire program is always seeking the maximum support from its constituents.

There is no question that a five to seven year capital campaign instills a focused discipline that will continue to benefit the institution in the years ahead. For academic institutions, day to day fundraising activities are not suspended but in general all components of development are keyed to campaign activities. This is not possible for arts organizations who depend on anywhere from 40-60% of their operating budget from annual funds sources.

Our initial involvement in your annual fund is a requirement in cases where we have not conducted the pre-campaign feasibility study, there is an insufficient base of support, or the annual fund goal has not be met or exceeded for the prior three fiscal years.

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Shakespeare Theatre Company
Served as interim campaign management  |  Learn more

Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre of OklahomaFinding and soliciting the first $1-million gift  |  Read more

La Jolla Playhouse

La Jolla PlayhouseAt the campaign’s midpoint, the new theatre’s cost increased the goal by $15 million.  |  Learn how we met this challenge

Guthrie Theater

Guthrie TheaterRaised a total of $60 million over ten years (1982-92) for the theatre’s permanent endowment ($19.2 m), enhancement and refurbishment of the physical plant ($5.1 m), bridge fund ($1 m), and annual funds ($35 m, a 350% increase).  |  More details about fundraising for the theatre’s Campaign for Artistic Excellence during the recession period of the family farm, junk bond, and savings and loan crises