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Keep In Mind

A series of tips from the president of YoungAssociates; micro-sized nuggets to startle, energize, and boost your thinking in regard to development. Like a ship’s lookout, Keep In Mind helps organizations navigate rough waters by giving an early warning of obstacles as well as opportunities both in the channel and out.

  1. Long Term Care Considerations (KIM #13)
    Currently 45 million Americans are 65 and older, but by 2050 the number will have grown to 80 million. As development officers you can only find the gift if you understand the underlying concerns of  |  Read More »
  2. State of Your List (KIM #12)
    All nonprofits have a list, but not all of them care for their list(s). How often do you update your constituent data? Do you rely on donors updating their own data or are you proactively  |  Read More »
  3. Business taxes vary for C and S corporations
    Bush-era tax cuts were allowed to expire for higher-income taxpayers without distinguishing between active business and passive investment income, impacting pass-through entities. Those entities that are organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships or S corporations now  |  Read More »
  4. Dissatisfaction is key to success (KIM #11)
    A fundraising campaign does not exist in an equal opportunities utopia and the health of the nonprofit world depends on that. When a capital campaign is formed without outside analysis, development staff remain satisfied with  |  Read More »
  5. Is your fundraising tapping into people’s need for purpose? (KIM #10)
    No matter how much we believe the world has changed, human beings want to be part of something larger than themselves. When thinking about mission statements and program development remember that people crave moral purpose  |  Read More »